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/Shipyard/ Metropolis

Featured in the Second Life Destination Guide, /Shipyard/ offers a fantasty universe completely written by its community.

A century and a half from today, Earth stands united, a single human race, and has realized that they're not alone. While struggling to find it's place in the galactic community, humans, hybrids, and aliens attempt to coexist.

Focusing on the port district dubbed the "Shipyard", in one of the largest metropolises being constructed in the San Francisco peninsula, a large ship looms overhead. It faces the first influx of galactic immigration and becomes host to a variety of cultures.

At the brink of social evolution in this new industrial era, what race do you think you'd play? Who will you meet and become affiliated with? What philosophies will you follow?

Welcome to an exciting new story - a brand new community. Welcome to the Future.